Friday, April 11, 2008

Needing Some Pictures

I know many of you are still wondering what in the world I’m actually doing here. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one wondering, haha. I’m still visiting orphanages and getting acclimated with the area, the directors and the children. I’ve visited over 20 orphanages so far. Yesterday we went on an adventure to Kakata, which is about 1-1 ½ hours drive from the house (towards the interior). The road is horrible, but it’s fun to play ‘Dodge the Potholes’. We visited an orphanage that’s 13km down a dirt road and with the rain the night before, it made for some exciting off-roading. We had to forge 2 rivers, and get through numerous puddles…which was no easy task. We were praying the whole time that we wouldn’t get stuck! Because of the road conditions, we’re fairly certain that will be our last visit until after rainy season.

Today we spent the majority of the day running errands in town (bank, post office, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, etc). We also got the air-conditioning fixed on the jeep (must have for rainy season—to keep the windows clear), but we enjoyed alittle of the air while we waited in traffic. The air-conditioning was almost more then we could handle…and we stopped at Abi’s for cold drinks….so between the two, we “Liberians” had goosebumps!

Some other things that I haven’t had time to talk about are:
- We went on the roof of the Ducor Hotel, which overlooks Monrovia. Totally cool! They now have kicked out all of the squatters and the road up to the JJ Roberts Monutment and Ducor Hotel are guarded, so our NGO tag helped us out.
- I had my first driving in Liberia experience last week! Andrew’s been really good about not pushing the subject, but he forced me to drive home from BJCCV (10-15 minute drive). I feel pretty good about driving out here, but I haven’t gained the courage to go towards town. I’ll get there someday.
- After Sunday there will only be 3 of us on the ground here in Liberia. Kind of scary, but I think we’ll be alright.
- There was a riot about a mile down the street on Tuesday. A school was demolished before the new building was complete, so the student’s showed up for school and there was no school. They rioted, and things got out of hand so the LNP and the UN came in. Tear gas was used to break up the crowds, and somehow our head of security managed to get himself arrested. He was warned not to go down there, but he did anyway. After 24 hours in jail (and his friend paying the commander some bribe money), we’re pretty sure he didn’t learn his lesson.
- Sorry to end on a sad note, but our poor pitiful kitten passed away on Thursday. Someone ate her/his mother, so being that we rescue orphans, we took her/him in. This is not the usual outcome of our rescue missions, just for the record. We think it was death by car, but not sure. We buried her/him just on the other side of the compound wall. So, now I need to find a new friend.

I'm going to put together pics of mud puddles and roof-top views from the Ducor for next time.

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Justus said...

i heard about that riot! glad youre safe, yes I live on Randall street in Mamba Point area. sounds like youve been able to do some really cool stuff, check out my flickr account off my blog spot to see some more of my pictures! have a great day