Thursday, May 15, 2008

Robertsport, Liberia aka Surfer's Paradise!

I shouldn’t be posting this online…Liberia’s best kept secret! The soon to be surf destination of the world…well, maybe once they renovate a hotel or two (but there’s plenty of beach to camp on). I have a feeling it won’t stay so secret for too much longer, thanks to the documentary “Sliding Liberia”. Where am I talking about you ask? Cassava Beach, Robertsport, Liberia.
I spent the weekend in Robertsport, shredding up the waves! Nah, just kidding. I did spend the weekend in Robertsport, but I wasn’t riding waves—they were too big for me. A group of us headed to Robertsport on Saturday at 6am, ready for a relaxing weekend of sun, sand and surf. To get there, you have to drive about an hour NW of Monrovia, and then go left at the Iron Gate (Pakistan checkpoint), and then just drive until you see the sign for Robertsport and hit the dirt road for 30km. I was expecting a horrible dusty road (as in, needing Dramamine), but thanks to the UN, the road was smooth…so smooth you could go 50mph on it! Just watch out for the occasional bridges that will send you flying if you hit those going fast. Anyway, we rendezvoused with about 12 other people for the weekend, but by the time all was said and done, there were about 25 of us camping together on the beach. The weather was awesome, the waves and water were beautiful and it didn’t rain! I sat on the beach, and remember thinking, “I could be in Hawaii or Fiji or something!”—it’s seriously that beautiful. I didn’t notice how good of an escape it was until we came home and we were sitting in traffic in Duola at 5pm on a Sunday! Anyway, it was a great weekend of relaxing on the beach with a good book and good friends, camping under tarps and mosquito nets, cooking rice and beans on a fire, staying up late sitting around the fire talking….yea, it was nice! I can’t wait to go back! I apologize for not fully documenting the adventure, but here’s a few pictures. Enjoy!

Cooking a tasty dinner of rice in beans!

And you can't beat an African sunset!


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