Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gifty Update--PRAY!

I just wanted to give all of those who have been following Gifty's story a quick update.

On December 18, Gifty was wheeled into surgery. Gifty received her liver transplant! The surgery went well and she began her long road of recovery. Join me in praising God for this miracle for our miracle girl!

Last night, I talked with Debbie in Liberia. She had just gotten word that Gifty was having another surgery. Because of the blood thinner medications she's on for her new liver, Gifty was having bleeding in her brain. She needed emergency brain surgery!

Please continue to pray for Gifty. Her little body has gone through so much, but she's a fighter! Pray for her family--for peace, rest and comfort. Pray for her doctors--that God would give them knowledge and guide their hands. Pray for healing and comfort for Gifty's body. Thank you all for your prayers!

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