Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cultural Presentation

Today was a special day! Not only did I mark my two year anniversary with ORR today, but we took a group trip to Frances Gaskins for a cultural presentation that they've been working on for months in anticipation of Uncle Tim's arrival to Liberia. We were trying to remember the last time all of us were at one orphanage together, and the last time most of us were together at a home was for Christmas. Anyway, we crammed into a portion of the school building for about an hour and a half--plenty of 'special selections', Bible verses (4 kids each memorized 7 verses), spelling words (one girl spelled 50 words), alot of sweating and even more selections. After the official presentation, we relocated out under the plum trees for a low-key cultural presentation...when the kids really let loose and laugh...and where a few ORR team members did their own cultural presentation. It was a really great afternoon, and so fun to watch the kids show us what they've been working on for so long! Here are a few pictures, and maybe I'll manage to get a video up later on. Enjoy!
[Everyone crammed under the Liberian big top]
[FG's littlest dancing girl, Jogto and happiest dancing girl, Naomi--excellent photo taken by Robert Lee]
[Group Shot: ORR field team with FG kiddos and staff]
[ORR field team backed by Uncle Tim. L to R: Andrew, Deb, Matt, Mariel, Elena, Will, Cramer and Me]

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