Thursday, April 29, 2010

Danny Feeney (Gold Child) Update

[How about that beautiful building...a beautiful new ORR truck?!]

Just an FYI: Gold Child Orphanage Home recently inc
orporated under the new name Danny Feeney Memorial Orphanage Home. Gold Child will now be referred to as Danny Feeney.

The construction in Cotton Tree is moving right along! Thanks to the $30,000 that was raised back in November at the HeartCry dinner and auction, the new home will be completed. Matt and the construction guys have been hard at work because Matt is leaving Liberia on May 24th, and things need to be close to done by then. Plans are underway for a grand opening ceremony, as well as trying to figure out when we will be able to move the children.

Right now, the crew is working on the latrines. We've been having alot of rain, which has made cement mixing and pouring interesting, but the slab will be poured tomorrow. There were a few attempts at drilling a well about a month or so ago, without success. We just got news that two organizations are partnering together to drill the well, install the apron and hand pump, and pay for it! Another answer to prayer!

The building is looking amazing! I am looking forward to making the house a home for the children, and I absolutely cannot wait to move the kids into their new place!

Here are a few pictures of the project from a few weeks ago.
[Working on the latrines]

[The inside...before the ceiling, but still looking awesome!]

[Inside one of the bedrooms. Matt did an awesome job on the ceiling and sky lights!]

You can be praying for strength and energy for Matt and his guys. They are working really hard, out in the hot sun, all day long! Also, pray that the rains hold off so they can finish the latrine casting. Pray for the 37 kids who will call this home in just a few short months!

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MJ said...

A palace! Hang tough Matt and team.