Thursday, March 22, 2012

Water Is Life

Imagine if this was where your water came from. 
On my recent trip to Sinoe, this IS where they were getting their water from!

A murky, still creek.
Water not even good enough for us [the white people] to bathe in.
They wouldn't let us bathe in this water, and so we drove to a nearby village to get water from a well.
I couldn't bathe in it, but they bathe in it...and wash their dishes in it...and cook with it? I'm sure that means someone is drinking it too.

Today is World Water Day.

 In Liberia, there's a saying, "Water is Life." 
That is so true! 
Water really does give life.

I'm inviting you to participate in World Water Day...even if you didn't know such a day existed. 
 Today is about water...clean water!

We would LOVE to give the children at Heart of God Refuge Home their very own well. A hand pump that gives clean and safe drinking Life not only for the children living at that home, but for the dozens of people living in the village around the home! 

Clean water...something that every person should have access to.

If you would like to help give clean water, please click here to make a donation  (designate Heart of God).

I also hope you're thankful for your clean's a luxury!

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