Monday, August 6, 2012

A Gift for Joshua

If you’ve been around here long enough, you probably know that there are a few children who are extra special to me. [I’m not supposed to have favorites...but I do.] One kid--um..young woman--who is extremely special to me is Jogma. You’ve heard alot about her already: here, here and here. Jogma and I have always been close, but her pregnancy and difficult four-day-long-labor really cemented our friendship!

It’s hard to believe that little Joshua will be one year old in less than two weeks! Time has flown by...and he’s so stinkin’ cute!  First birthdays are a HUGE deal in Liberia! I think a big reason is because so many children don’t live to see their first birthday, so the parties and celebrations are BIG! Today, I’m asking for your help to make Joshua’s birthday alittle more sweet!

Before I left Liberia, I gave Jogma a few small things for Joshua’s first birthday. I could  give Joshua clothes or toys or a big party, but I think one of the best gifts that I can give is an opportunity for his parents, Jogma and Cyrus. Both Jogma and Cyrus are extremely hard-working and incredibly smart! They have big dreams for their son, but they also have dreams for themselves--they want to continue their education.

That’s where you come in! 

Jogma has finally made it to her 12th grade year at a local Catholic high school. She is a bright student, and she really loves learning. Whether it’s reading Harry Potter (yes!) or learning a new skill ...she is like a sponge! Jogma needs $420 to finish her senior year of high school. This will cover her tuition, text books, uniform and other supplies. If you want to donate $5 or $500--AWESOME! Or, maybe twenty-one people want to each give $20, or one person wants to give $35 every month...or any other combination.

To begin with, Cyrus will take a twelve week course in Microsoft Office and the internet. Then he hopes to take more advance courses in Access, basic SQL and A+ Hardware. These courses will take 8 months, and then the final 16 month course is a Cisco Certified Network Associate. I would LOVE to raise enough money to cover the first two courses, which will cost $210, plus the cost of a used laptop. 

By furthering Jogma and Cyrus’ educations, they will better be able to provide for their family and it will give Joshua a brighter future! If you would like to donate, please leave a comment or send me an email and I can give you further details. Thank you, and a super huge thank you from Jogma, Cyrus and Joshua!

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