Monday, November 18, 2013

Announcing My New Ministry--Red Meets Green!

Liberia, West Africa is a beautiful, lush country with a violent and bloody past. After fourteen years of brutal civil war, no Liberian went unaffected. Poverty, disease, orphans and widows, those are the stories of Liberia’s people. Just recently, Liberia celebrated ten years of peace, and the people are at a place where they can hope and dream again. However, they still face so many challenges in making those dreams come true.

After spending four years in Liberia working with orphanages, God began to do something new in my heart. He gave me a deep desire to minister to my neighbors--to empower them and to help them achieve their dreams--and to help preserve families. That’s where Red Meets Green was born. Liberia’s past is stained in red because of all of the bloodshed and death, but the people are desperate to encounter green---life, hope and Truth. The people of the Cooper Beach community experienced terrible things during the war, but also in the four years that I have lived there. They will now be provided with the opportunity to ‘meet green’ at a community center in their own neighborhood. Red Meets Green is my new ministry in Liberia, where a community center will serve as a beacon of hope. Through building relationships and serving the people, it is my prayer that anyone who comes to the community center will meet and know the hope that can only be found in Christ.
Cooper Beach Community
In order to meet people right where they are, we will begin by offering adult literacy classes, as well as tutoring, art and sports for children. The literacy classes will be the start of relationships, as well as helping to assess the needs of the community. Over time, we will expand to vocational and business training programs and anything else that the people need. Red Meets Green is about the life-change that can only happen because of God’s mercy and love, and how that change affects individuals, families, a community and a country.
The Green House Community Center
Your continued prayers and support are incredibly important to me and the ministry in Liberia. I am currently raising the needed funds to open the community center, and hope to be back in Liberia full-time in Spring 2014. If you would like to be a part of all that God is doing in Liberia, please contact me!

I will continue to use Love in Liberia for my personal communications, but everything else will be under Red Meets Green. Check out the Red Meets Green website ( to learn more and find out how you can get involved!

Prayer Needs:
- That God would miraculously put my Tax-Exempt papers on the top of the stack at the IRS and that there wouldn't be any problems processing the paperwork.
- Miraculous provision from our Jehovah-Jirah! The balance due on the rent is roughly $7,700 and I would love to see it come in before the end of the year! That's the first 'chunk' needed...but there are many financial needs after that.
- Wisdom and creativity when it comes to fundraising!
- That God would stir the hearts of people to pray, give, get involved and go.
- Divine appointments with people, companies and organizations that we can partner with.
- Personnel needs: CPA, photographer/videographer, graphic/web designer and fundraisers.

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