Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Update

Merry Christmas! I pray that you and your family are having a blessed holiday season. I know that this time of year is so special to me--celebrating the birth of Christ and plenty of time with loved ones! I hope that despite the hectic holiday rush, you are able to take the time to truly reflect on all that Christmas means. One thing that I have been reflecting on is God’s goodness and faithfulness, but I’ve also been thanking Him for the faithfulness of all of the people that have prayed for me and supported me on this amazing journey called Liberia.

I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on all that has been going on with me and Liberia. As you might remember, I traveled to Liberia in the spring for three weeks. The whole story takes more than a few sentences, but I left Liberia having signed a three year lease on a house to be used for the community center! This was a huge leap of faith for me (I had no plans to sign a lease and had $150 in my pocket!) and is such a testament to God’s faithfulness and provision! 

I left Liberia with a renewed passion and vision for the community center and began the process of starting a non-profit organization. The process has been tedious, and I’m learning so much, and I cannot wait to have all of the paperwork complete! The name of my new ministry in Liberia is Red Meets Green. Red symbolizes Liberia’s past--death and bloodshed--while green symbolizes growth, life and hope. The community center will be a beacon of light in the Cooper Beach community and will provide Hope to so many Liberians who desperately need it.

Red Meets Green, Inc. is currently registered as a domestic non-profit corporation in Georgia, and our 501(c)3 tax-exempt papers have been submitted to the IRS. Even in the last few weeks, we have continued to make progress by having our first board of directors meeting and opening a bank account. What does all of this mean? It means that once the paperwork is approved by the IRS, all donations to Red Meets Green will be tax deductible! It also paves the way in Liberia to register as an NGO (non-governmental organization). 

As far as Liberia goes, we have a house waiting on us! The house will serve as the community center, as well as my personal home. We signed a three year lease, and have already paid the first year’s rent. The greatest need right now are the funds to pay for the remainder of the lease ($3,500 already raised!!!) so that the much needed repairs can begin. I hope to be able to travel back to Liberia in early 2014 to pay the remaining balance and oversee all of the work. I also will use the trip to gather quality photos and videos to use for fundraising, as well as to meet with community members and get the word out about what the center will offer the community.

The past six years in Liberia have been incredible! Time and time again God has provided exactly what was needed in His perfect timing, and so I’m trusting that He will provide again. Please consider partnering with Red Meets Green in 2014! Whether you give a one-time amount or want to make a monthly giving commitment, every donation matters! This truly is a team effort, and Red Meets Green cannot exist without the generous support of people who have a heart to see change and provide hope in Liberia. Please use the enclosed card to make a donation today!

Also, take a few minutes to connect with Red Meets Green and share us with your friends! You can contact me anytime at my new email:
Twitter (@RedMeetsGreen)

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love this Christmas and always! I am so grateful for your encouragement, prayers and support and join me in being expectant for all that God is going to do in this new year! Happy 2014!


Prayer Requests
  • That the IRS paperwork would be approved quickly (they are very behind); put on the top of the stack and no more information needed.
  • That God would raise up an army of prayer warriors in 2014!
  • God’s provision for financial needs--paying the remainder of the rent is only the beginning of upcoming expenses.
  • Opportunities to connect with new potential donors in the upcoming year.
  • The people of the Cooper Beach community, and everyone who will come to the community center--for God’s protection, provision and for good health. That God would prepare their hearts, even now, to experience His love in new ways through Red Meets Green.
  • Continued wisdom, discernment, direction and creativity with things like fundraising, expanding our circle, the website and social media outlets.
  • Everything that we do as individuals, and as Red Meets Green, would be done out of selflessness, service and love. And that above everything else, it will all be for His glory--in Liberia and in the U.S.

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