Saturday, June 27, 2015

Praying for Freedom!

I've been reading a book called "The Color of Grace" by Bethany Haley Williams. I'm not very far into it, but I have throughly enjoyed it. I'm enjoying it enough that it's getting precious real estate in my carryon bag to Liberia on Monday! That's saying something!

When I read the quote above, I thought about myself. I thought about how I don't want to go limping or hobbling back to Liberia, but that I want to go back dancing!

I also immediately thought about the people of Liberia. They really are wounded warriors. They are some of the strongest, most resilient people that I have ever met. As a matter of fact, that's one of the things that draws me to the people of Liberia time and time again. I honestly think that if I had to go through what most Liberians have gone through, well....I would have given up a long time ago! I honestly don't think I would have survived the war, and if I did, I don't know how I would survive the aftermath. Top that with poverty, sickness, corruption and oppression. And then throw in Ebola. I don't think I could do it. I'm amazed at how my Liberian friends press on. And they press on with incredible faith and a hope for things yet to come. Liberians belong on the hero list.

Would you join me in praying for the people of Liberia? That they wouldn't walk around as wounded warriors, but that they would rise above their current circumstance and dance! Dancing and freedom is wonderful, but even more so, I want to see them dancing in the freedom that only comes from Christ! And I feel called to play a tiny role in helping people find that freedom through Biblical counseling. 

I will be using the Restoring Your Heart (RYH) curriculum to facilitate RYH groups. These groups will be powerful times to share life and talk about past hurt and trauma. Pray for healing and freedom for the women that will participate in the RYH groups. I will also be using some materials from The American Bible Society (ABS) called "Healing the Wounds of Trauma." This will be used with both adults and children. Would you also pray about what counseling will look like in Liberia? 

During these next 10 weeks, I will be 'testing' both curriculums. I have been translating the RYH curriculum into Liberian English, so I will be sitting down with Liberians to get their feedback on the current draft. This material is much more in-depth, so I will also be figuring out how much of the material Liberians grasp. I will use the ABS books to work with children, and will use the adult book as "lighter material" and then will direct people to RYH groups afterwards. Or at least this is all my initial plan.

So you can also be praying for God's wisdom, guidance and discernment for really planning and implementing the counseling aspect of The Green House. I truly believe in the healing power of both curriculums! RYH helped me in my own journey, and I have supported, watched and facilitated others through their own healing journeys. I believe that things like forgiveness and healing are desperately needed in Liberia, and that by walking others through the process of forgiveness, freedom and dancing will come!

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