Sunday, July 13, 2008

Face of Liberia--Fatu

I want to introduce you to Fatu. She is 5 years old and she is full of spunk. The first time I met her I spent the afternoon trying unsuccessfully to make her smile. I have managed to break through her tough exterior, and now she is the first one to run to greet me when I pull up the driveway!
Fatu was born in 2003 during Liberia’s civil-war. Apparently her mother was seeking refuge in the SKD Sports Stadium and went into labor. A policewoman found the newborn wrapped up and abandoned in the stadium. The policewoman turned little Fatu over to a social worker at the Ministry and Health & Social Welfare, and she was then placed in the orphanage where she has lived for all but a few days of her life.
Fatu is reccently completed our feeding program. Her health has improved over the last few months and she continues to grow. All of this is possible because of generous donations. This is just one story of how ORR has impacted the life of an orphan in Liberia.

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