Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do You Get My Newsletter?

I am putting the finishing touches on my monthly newsletter and wondered how many people actually read what I write. If I were to be honest, I really dislike putting together my monthly newsletter....it takes alot of time, and I feel like it disappears into the dark hole of people's inboxes, never to be read. But, it's a new year and some of you might just now be joining me and my journey. Sooooo....if you would like to receive my monthly newsletter, please send me an email at ashley@orphanreliefandrescue.org and I will add you to my mailing list. I promise that I will not flood your inbox...I send out a newsletter once a month, and you might get an urgent prayer request every now and then. My newsletter is similar to my blog, except I connect the stories from month to month to keep everyone updated on each of the focus areas of ORR. I also include prayer points, and of course, there's always pictures of really cute kids!

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LaJuana said...

I read your newsletter, Ash.