Friday, January 30, 2009

Hope for Tomorrow

Varbah in March 2008

For about the last week, I have been looking through thousands [yes, thousands] of pictures from Liberia. I have 7 months worth of my pictures, and then some. Anyway, I've been looking through all of the pictures because I'm in the middle of a string of planned events where I get to share about Liberia. Not only does looking through all of these pictures bring back great memories, they also make me miss Liberia!

I wanted to share someone with you. Her name is Varbah...and I absolutely love her! I honestly don't really remember Varbah from when I first got to Liberia. I came across a picture of her from back in March when I first started working with her orphanage and it doesn't even look like the Varbah that I know and love. The children at the home were extremely hungry and sick. They were lathargic, sad and down-right no fun to be around. At first, I hated going to their orphanage--it was dirty, depressing and the director was a total headache. But now, the home is my absolute favorite place to be! Why? Because these children have hope! Today, Varbah is happy and healthy. She isn't sleeping on the floor anymore. She's going to school. She has food in her belly and clothes on her back. And...her little snaggle-tooth smile has stolen my heart.

Thank you to everyone who supports ORR's ministry and my personal ministry in Liberia. I am in Liberia because my Father loves me and wants me to share His love with the fatherless. Because of His hope, and your prayers and support, children like Varbah have hope for tomorrow!

Varbah in December 2008

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Carey said...

I can't thank you enough for loving and helping those children. I want to be there but God has me here in America loving my Liberian son & family, praying for the orphans and aching to help. Keep blogging and sharing.