Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gifty Update

I thought that I'd share some pictures with all of you Gifty fans out there! The most recent report is that Gifty is adjusting to life with her new family in the tundra of Wisconsin...much different from life in Liberia, eh? She is happy, healthy, always eating and gaining weight! Her doctors are hopeful that Gifty will get a liver transplant in the next few months. I don't understand how it all works, but she can recieve a partial liver transplant, when and if one is made available. Gifty needs an O+ donor! Please be in prayer with us....that Gifty will continue to thrive and that she will stay healthy while she's waiting for a liver and that a matching, partial liver will be made available. I know Gifty's life has always been in His hands (she's our little miracle), but I also know that when an army of people are praying for a little Liberian girl in Wisconsin, His glory will be revealed when our prayers are answered.

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