Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Dog, Stolen Phone

I was a lazy blogger last week. So, time for a quick catch up.

We got a new dog...his name is Dude. We tried out a few options, but Dude stuck. He's still a puppy, so he jumps and licks alot. He's also already chewed through an electrical cord and the front door mat. Oh well.

In other news, my phone was stolen on Thursday. I ran after the guy for about an hour, but he got away. It was nuts! The man stole my phone out of the car when we were at one of our orphanage homes. I realized my phone was gone a few minutes later and so a caretaker, me and about 5 of the older boys all took off running. I'm sure it looked pretty funny...a white woman and some kiddos running through the neighborhood, in the hot afternoon sun, sweating to death! Everyone we passed looked confused, and as soon as they found out "the man who was running stole the white woman's phone", the most common response was "eh manh, maken dah wha womah run in dah hot sun."

I don't care about the phone (I have a bonassa--aka, the cheapest [Nokia] phone possible), I care about having my phone number, and losing my contacts. We've had a few phone calls from the man who most likely stole the phone, and now there's a woman answering, so she must have bought the phone from the thief? We've tried to arrange meetings at gas stations, but "Gerald" never showed up. I'll go to Cellcom tomorrow and hopefully get my number back! I'll keep you all updated.
That's really all of my stories for the week. The week went by fast...the last few weeks have flown by! A team arrived tonight, so that will shake things up this week...which is a good thing. Ok, I think that's all.


Tammy said...

hi Ashley, I'm Tammy Tibbetts - director of the MacDella Cooper Foundation in New York City - we're building a school in Liberia opening in 2010 ( I'm visiting Liberia in October and would love to connect with you via email; really interested in and admiring what your team is doing. Can you email me at so I can send you a note back?

Earl Burrowes, Sr. said...

Hi Ashley - thanks for sharing your life experience, while in Liberia - we're including you in our prayers (health, strength, MUCH fruit, and your continued good humor). Interestingly, I learned of you blog through Twitter; technology has really narrowed our mission field :) Be blessed.
Earl (Sr.)

Lindsey said...

Hi Ashley! Your blog is great! I just arrived in Monrovia as a volunteer and am trying to get in touch with other expats! Would love to hear from you! email: