Monday, May 4, 2009

And Then There Were Three...

[Me, Cramer & Deb]
Now there are only 3 of us in the ORR team house. Last Monday, we took Cramer to the airport and shipped him home to Ohio. Tonight, we shipped Deb back to Seattle. Things are changing for us...our 'waterboy' and 'mirror' are no longer here with us. Things are getting quiet. There's less loud laughter. No more spontaneous singing or running. I'm feeling less beams off the mirror already. And, I'm sure there will be less dancing in the kitchen. Anyway, you can be in prayer for Cramer and Deb. That they will use their time at home wisely. That they will be renewed, refreshed and encouraged. For divine appointments (Deb, you better have handed out those business cards to everyone in first class!). Pray for those of us still in Liberia (me, Jen, Matt, Mariel & Andrew). It's so amazing how different parts of Christs' body are represented in each of us, and when one (or two) parts go missing for awhile, the other parts can feel the change. God sure knows what He's doing--creating this amazing family, full of incredible people, to do His work!

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