Sunday, May 10, 2009

Robertsport & God

Yesterday, we took a day trip to Robertsport. We rolled out at 6am and drove around town to pick up friends. We had a Land Cruiser full of beach goers...and we were meeting friends there too. The waves here have been ridiculous the past few days, so we left for Robertsport with high hopes, despite the fact that it was very overcast and the waves around our house didn't look so good. I was looking forward to some quiet time on the beach...just me, my book and alittle Jesus time. The waves were so big (10-12ft.) and the surfers were out in full force, so those of us not surfing sat for hours just watching the show! Alfred and Nicholai of Sliding Liberia fame were there too! When we left, Nicholai said that was the best day of waves since they filmed the movie.[Alfred tearing it up!]
I personally enjoyed hanging out under the almond trees and watching the surfers. I also enjoyed 2 different walks down the beach...I explored both directions. The awesome thing about Robertsport is that you have the beach all to yourself (except for the occasional Pakistani UN guys taking pictures on the rocks), but once you walk around the really have the place all to yourself! I walked around the bend and found a rock in the shade, so I climbed up and took a seat. I just started singing all kinds of praise songs...anything that came to the top of my lungs (hey, when you've got the place to yourself, you might as well, right?). After awhile, I just sat and listened to the waves crashing...and then God spoke, "You are still here for a reason...for my purpose..." As I was hearing those words, and processing, a guy appeared out of nowhere. I said "yea ello" and he nodded and smiled. And then God spoke again, "even if you're here for just that one person, you are still here for my purpose." It's always refreshing to get out of Monrovia for awhile, but it's even better when you get to enjoy His creation and God speaks to you through that. I was in awe of the beauty and power of the waves...His creation...and couldn't help but think that He still chooses to speak to little 'ole me! I really needed to hear from Him this weekend!

[Looking down the beach]

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Elena Teresa-Anne said...

How awesome! And what a reason to rejoice!
I am thrilled for you, dear friend of mine, and know that God is with you, guiding you and directing you, every step of the way.
Much love.