Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phew, I'm Exhausted!

Today was a long day. Here's what my Wednesday looked like:
I woke up at 7am. Got dressed and took my Bible and journal out on the porch for some 'quiet' time. And I say 'quiet' because that doesn't even exist in Liberia. Had porch prayer time with the girls before Deb and I hit the road around 8:30. We had to go out to Firestone to pick up our 3 boys who had hernia surgeries yesterday. The kids had no idea that Auntie Ashley would be picking them up, or that I was even back in Liberia, so they were pretty surprised! Lots of big hugs! After discharge instructions, one last chocolate pudding and ride in "the room that can move" (aka an elevator...the only working one that I know of in this country!), and goodbye hugs and kisses to nurses, we were on our way.

Quick stop for juice and biscuits for the kids. Then we stopped at Cotton Tree to check out the construction progress and to say hi to Uncle Matt.
The construction looks great and the guys were all working hard in the hot sun!
Back on the road again, the kids passed out during the 45 minute drive. Took Fumbeh back to his home. Then back to the house to pick up some children's tylenol and Joshua and Jeremiah got some time to show Ma Mary, Momo and everyone else their battle wounds. Then it was off to Frances Gaskins! Couldn't wait to see these kids! And they were totally surprised! Spent some time under the plum trees with the afternoon breeze (can't beat an afternoon under the plum trees at FG!) and the kids dancing, singing and making music. I enjoyed sitting on the bench, Lucky holding my hand on one side, Jolene holding my hand on the other side, Hannah on my lap and a few others playing with my hair. So then it was off to CCF to take Joshua home...and to see my kiddos! I absolutely LOVE these kids! And of course, I couldn't wait to see "my son," Koiboi! The kids were happy to see me...lots of hugs and smiles...but Koiboi was nowhere to be found. We sat on the porch, talking and playing. And then finally, Koiboi came strolling up the hill, kicking rocks and minding his own business. I hid behind the porch column, and peeked my head out when he got closer. He looked up, saw "his Ma", gave his bluffing smirk and walked right to me. He sat in my lap for the next hour...and he pooped on me. Welcome back, right?! That's the sign of a great day...being totally exhausted, covered in dirt and poop, really smelly and ready to eat some cassava! Headed back to the house around 4:30 and ate dinner. After dinner, we all headed down to Kendeja to take a dip in the pool. Great way to end an excellent, but exhausting day! Now it's 10:20pm, and I have no clue how I've managed to stay up this long! Hopefully I can post some videos soon, but until then, goodnight from Liberia!

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