Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three Years

[The first photo of me in Liberia. I got in alot of trouble for carrying the blocks on my head!]
Three years ago, today, I was waking up in Liberia for the first time. I can remember that first drive from the guesthouse to the orphanage--full of anticipation and excitement. I remember thinking "what in the world am I doing," followed by, "I can't believe this is actually happening," and probably feeling like I wanted to barf. I only slept for about an hour the night before because it was SO HOT! I was tired, but the adrenaline kept me going. [Who would have ever thought that three years later, I would be tired, but the adrenaline would still keep me going?!]

I would never in a million years imagine my life like it is today. Never did I think I would get to travel to Africa, much less live there AND work with children--that was only a dream in high school. I have met so many like-minded people--friends, and some even family--and I have encountered Jesus in the eyes of so many beautiful children; but more importantly, I have drawn closer to my Father and have a better understanding of His love for people. I can't even imagine my life without all things Liberia, and I can't imagine how different my walk with Christ would be. It's a good thing that He's the one who makes the plans and He's the One who's guiding and directing!

I have learned so many things over the past three years--about others, about the world around me, about myself, about God--but the message remains the same. This morning during my quiet time, God reminded me of why I'm here. He said, "Seek me with all of your heart." That's what this whole thing...this crazy Liberia adventure...this whole journey is about--seeking God with all of my heart.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog because I have 2 boys adopted from Liberia and I am always interested in what's going on there... and today I came out of lurking to tell you that 3 years ago today I was leaving Liberia with my two boys to come home to Canada! We celebrate today as our 'gotcha' day!
Keep up the good work!
Crystal (from Cananda)

Lauren said...

Has it really been 3 years since that long, sweaty, miserable 1st night?!! I can't believe how things have changed and how far God has taken both of us! I'm so proud of you and ALL that God is doing in and through you! I knew during that trip that God had great things in store for you in Liberia! Keep trusting Him! He has GREAT plans for you!! I love you!!!!


MJ said...

Hey Ash -

Just trying to catch up on some "normal" here and I am SOO glad that you and your adventure are part of our "normal". We love you and what God is going through you so much!

I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a Joe Dirt toupee - the chemo is taking my hair at a pretty good rate now, so I might need it! If I do, you'll get the first picture!

Be careful what you carry on your head! You don't want to get tagged with a new nickname (like Blockhead).

Love ya, Ash. Let us know if you need anything we can help with.

MJ and MM Galusha