Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear HeartCry

This post is a super-huge thank you to my HeartCry/New Hope family! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been overwhelmed with love, words of encouragement, and treats--lots of treats! Chic-Fil-A sandwiches, Clif bars, granola bars, gum, vitamins, chips, body spray, lotion, things to make my tired feet pretty, etc. etc. Thank you also for all of your notes and cards...you guys are the best! I really wish that you could all be here!!

I wanted to give you all a quick update, and some photos. First, my mom and Jake arrived safe and sound. They both adjusted quickly, and we headed to Cottontree on Saturday afternoon to check out the new orphanage. I hadn't been there in a long time; and it looks awesome! On Monday, mom and Jake got to meet the Danny Feeney kids, and we had a fun cross craft for them. Then today, we went back up to Cottontree to start painting. Jake and I knocked out stenciling Samuel 7:10 on the wall in the dining hall. It looks GREAT! Then we joined my mom and painted the boy's hallway with polka-dots and stars. Tomorrow, mom and Jake will finish the boy's hall and then also do the girl's hallway with butterflies and flowers. Oh, and we also bought mosquito nets today, and they will be hung as soon as the bunk beds are put together. Here are a few photos from the construction site.

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