Sunday, June 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Things have been so crazy around here the past few weeks! And, I've been lazy and have been sick and tired of starring at my computer, so I haven't made any posts. But, to catch you all up on what's been going on around here....well, there's alot!

Last Monday, my mom and Jake (fellow New Hoper) left Liberia. They were here for 10 days, and other than a trip to the ER, and the loss of 2 days for Jake, it was great! It was awesome to have my mom back in Liberia and the kids loved it! We spent half of our time working on the new Danny Feeney Orphanage in Cottontree and the other half of the time we did the usual Child Development Program activities. They brought a fun foam cross craft and plenty of glitter and shiny-shine to keep the kids happy! We were able to take in Monrovia, make it to Robertsport and visit old friends from my BJCCV days. The 10 days flew by too quickly and we had a jam packed 10 days! Here are 10 days in photos. [click to enlarge]
Eh, Liberia!

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