Monday, November 29, 2010

Kiddo Updates

There is one kind of photo that really excites me. Some call them the 'before and afters.' I like to call them photos of children that were literally on the brink of death, or so malnourished they didn't play or smile...and now they are happy and healthy! Let me share with you a few photos of some children who don't even look like the same children any more! Praise be to God!

You might remember Gifty. When we found her, she was incredibly sick. Gifty spent months in the hospital, and we eventually learned that she needed a liver transplant. She has had a very difficult road--battling illness after illness, and just getting no relief. Through the miraculous hand of God, not only was Gifty adopted (adoptions in Liberia were closed), but she also had a liver transplant! This is Gifty just a few weeks ago!

CCF Kids

These children are very special to me. We have traveled a long and difficult road together. Their home really was the 'worst of the worst.' I thought I put it on the blog (I guess not), but I know I had it in my newsletter. Back in June, their orphanage had a fire. The boy's dorm was destroyed. This was an interesting answer to a long-standing prayer--God, send relief for these children! The children were divided up and sent to four different orphanages. These four children went to an orphanage together. After only one week there, they were happier and healthier. Now, it's been a few months. Look at them now--thumbs up!

Being able to step back and see how far these children have come makes me extremely grateful. Grateful to God for bringing relief to these children. Thankful that they are all happy and healthy. Thankful that now they have been given new and improved opportunities in life. God is so good, and I can't wait to share the another great 'before and after' story!

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