Monday, February 28, 2011

One Week In

I have survived my first week in Liberia!!!

It's been an interesting week. I wasn't sleeping well the first few nights, so that just made for one tired Ashley. I was trying to adjust, get some sort of routine and make sense of the chaos that I left behind when I left in July. I spent this weekend getting my room (and life) in order, so I was in bed last night before 10pm! I also went to the beach for a swim yesterday--the water has been cold, but it is just so great to be back at the ocean! Speaking of cold...I have had to use my thin blanket almost every morning! That's how I know that I'm really Liberian, but it's good to be warm. Some of us sat on the front porch yesterday afternoon, playing dominoes and eating popcorn. It was cloudy and my hair was wet from swimming, but I had goosebumps. But, by the end of our game I was sunburned! This is already a strange dry season.

To end on a fun note (I have a more serious post up next). I have discovered the ultimate Liberian doughnut! To make the best use of stale bread, you smother it in creamy peanut butter and then top that with Fundelina. Mmmmm....sometimes you just have to improvise!

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