Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today has been chaos. Heck, this past month has been chaos! There have been alot of children that have been heavy on my heart, so I thought I'd share some of their beautiful faces with you. It's good to share the burden. And your prayers are much appreciated!
You can start your prayers engines tonight for Joe Sackie. This morning, there was a fire in the kitchen at his orphanage. It was scary, as a burning pot of hot oil got out of control, and eventually exploded into a big fireball. We happened to be there (we don't normally go to that home on Tuesdays), and we had just sent our driver back to the house to pick up some medical supplies. He was supposed to be getting basic first-aid supplies, but thankfully the instructions were lost in translation, and he brought back burn supplies (before there was any burn to treat). Praise God that only one child was injured, but the hot oil splashed into Joe's eye. We sent him to the emergency room at the only eye clinic in the country, and as of earlier this evening, his eyeball sustained a burn, but he is able to see!
Robert Lee is one of my favorites. We have a very special relationship...I'm not quite sure what you'd call it. But, we have so much fun together...and we love to give each other a hard time (or maybe I just love giving him a hard time!). You can pray that Robert Lee would feel and know that he is loved, and that God (and us) will not give up on or forget about him. Pray that God would restore his joy and laughter.
Moses needs to know that he is still a part of this family and that he is so loved. He needs to know that we still believe in him, and that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. He is not a failure, and it's never too late to try. Pray that God would grab hold of his heart and that he would change his ways. Moses needs freedom and encouragement, love and acceptance.
Beautiful Anna. It's alittle more difficult with Anna. She's very quiet and shy, but I know there are some major internal battles going on within her own self. I haven't really been able to get through to her, so you can be praying that the walls would begin to crack, and that there would be honesty and trust. Anna needs to feel God's love and to know that she's beautiful just the way she is!
And then there's Jogma...my favorite sewing, quilting and baking partner! (You might remember some of Jogma's work.) Jogma and I have spent hours and hours together sewing and baking, and there's also plenty of laughter! You can be praying for Jogma because she is due to have a baby any day now! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby M, and there's a big debate on whether we'll have a boy or girl (it's totally going to be a girl!). Pray for continued good health for momma and baby, and for a smooth delivery. Jogma has reached the miserable stage, and we're just waiting for that baby to drop! Despite being miserable, Jogma is still sewing away, and I have a feeling that you will be seeing more of her handiwork very soon!

These are just of a few of the kiddos that I've really been praying for. There are so many more kids that need an army of prayer warriors lifting them up to the throne! Thank you so much for your prayers, and I will keep you updated on these special kiddos!

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