Tuesday, February 21, 2012

46 Days of Prayer

Since I've been in Liberia, I've really felt like God has been asking me to somehow mobilize people to join together to pray for the children that I work with in Liberia. Then the other day, I realized that Lent was coming up, so I've been thinking about a way to combine the two. Some of you might be asking 'what's Lent?'. You can find the answer to that question here. This is your official invitation to participate in a world-wide prayer event for the orphans of Liberia! I invite you to join us, and to get others to join too.

How this will work?
For the next 46 days, I will be posting the photos of the children that ORR works with on a daily basis. Each day, you will look into the eyes of three beautiful faces, and then all that you need to do is pray for those children that day. Each day's post will be scheduled to post at 6am Eastern time. I will also be sharing each day's children on Facebook.

I want people to understand that 'poverty' and 'orphan' have a name; but they also have hopes, dreams and a destiny in Christ. As we prepare our hearts for this Easter season, let's reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and celebrate the victory over the grave, but we can also remember the least of these! I'm asking that you join hearts and pray as one body for the children of Liberia and we will also have a front row seat to watch God do amazing things!

Thank you for joining me on this Lent journey, and who knows might end up on here! I'm excited to see what God is going to do!

[I will also recommend World Vision's Lent Guide--Relentless ACT:S of Sacrifice. I have used their guides over the past few years, but unfortunately for me, they've made this year's guide in video format and the Liberian internet connection does not support video watching. It looks like a pretty cool guide this year, so if you end up using it, you'll have to let me know how it goes.]

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