Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

[I'm thankful that I was able to spend my afternoon with Mercy, Esther and Karvaline]

I was sitting here thinking about all of the things I was thankful for. I had a good list going, so I wanted to 'blog it down' (instead of jot it down) real quick. Problem is, it took 10 minutes to upload the above photo, so I can't remember my list anymore. So, let's start again...

Today I'm thankful for:
Huddling up with a few children, playing Bingo, and really being able to talk and interact with them.
Popcorn with lots of butter and salt.
The few hours of electricity I get a day...just enough time to charge computers and batteries, have some light, let the freezer do alittle freezing (cooling?) and enjoy a fan, if needed.
 Getting clean at the end of the day.
 Ma Mary's cooking--beans tonight! I don't just have food...I have good food!
Clean water to drink
The power of prayer
Someone to wash my clothes because otherwise I'd spend the day doing laundry. (thank you, Marthalyn!)
 A family that I love so much...and who love me so much in return.
Friends who aren't just acquaintances. 
A God who desires to know me and spend time with me and who delights in me.
Despite the time that I'm away from Liberia, I can come back and pick up right where things left off with friends, coworkers, my Liberian family and the children.
The generosity of others.
My security guards--Momo, Amma, Joseph and Roland. They're not only friends, but they do alot for me (especially Momo), but they are also literally guarding my things and my life with their own life. They also provide for plenty of entertainment and laughter.

I am thankful for so much more, but that's what comes to mind in just a few short minutes. What are you thankful for today?


Mom said...

Among other things, I'm thankful for you! Imagine having a daughter who has such a heart for other people.that she would love living in Liberia!

Hannah said...