Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday's Textiles

Today I'm featuring a few textile items that are for sale in the Good Gifts Market! Each item is made from traditional Liberian lappa fabric and created by local artisans in Liberia (except for the yellow purse, for which I'm the artisan). Maybe you need a gift for someone, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself. All of the proceeds go towards the community center!

To place an order, leave a comment or send me an email.

*Prices do not including shipping*
(but I use the most affordable shipping possible)

African Aprons: $20
Features pockets, a strap to go around your neck and a tie at the waist.
[Apron #1: two available]

[Apron #2: two available]

[Apron #3: two available]

[Apron #4: one available]

Shoulder Bags: $20
Zipper closer and inside pocket.

 [Shoulder Bag #1: one available]       [Shoulder Bag #2: one available]

Purse: $30
Magnetic closer and inside pocket.
[Purse #1: one available]

There are so many other great items available in the Good Gifts Market. All of the proceeds go towards the community center! Let's raise some money to pay the rent for year two and three!

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