Wednesday, July 31, 2013

30 Day Challenge Results

Thirty days ago, I gave a challenge to my family and friends. I challenged 30 people to donate $30 in celebration of my 30th birthday. If 30 people gave $30, it would cover two month's worth of rent for the community center.

You guys, I was blown away!
God is so good and He continues to provide!

Donations came in from: Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington DC, California and the Netherlands! Some people gave more than the $30. One friend wanted to give enough to cover a third month of rent for the community center!

So...the results went alittle something like this:
30 Days
24 Friends
15 Cities
$1,230 Raised
($900 was the goal)
3 Months of Rent Paid For
(1/4 of Year Two's Rent!)

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift!

Every time you give, it is one step closer to getting back to Liberia and getting the community center up and running!

In other exciting news, I filed my Articles of Incorporation paperwork with the state of Georgia this past week! It will hopefully take about two weeks to hear anything, but you can be praying that the papers will be accepted and approved right away without any problems!

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