Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greetings From Liberia!

I made it safe and sound! I'm sitting in my living room, with my feet propped up, listening to the hum of the generator and on the internet!?! WOOHOO! The trip was pretty uneventful, and I got a decent amount of sleep between the two flights. It was 86 degrees and fairly cloudy when we landed, so the ride from the airport with the windows down was almost chilly!?

I've only been here for a few hours, but I'm already seeing people. Sam, my faithful taxi driver picked us up at the airport (with Andrew and Cramer, of course….the jeep’s out of commission right now). Momo and some of the neighborhood kids were waiting on the road for us, and then Emmanuel, Moses and One Love were waiting on the driveway. I walked down the street to say hello to our neighbors, and then came back to get settled in.

I’m already feeling at home. I’ve unpacked and got myself semi-organized. I had a bowl of rice with collard greens and plantains for dinner (YUM!)….it made my lips tingle, but I’m sure I’ll be used to the spice again soon. I had a freezing cold shower outside, and now I’m sitting in my very own living room online! Can't beat that!

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello from Liberia. I hit the ground running in the morning because it’s Thursday—food delivery day! It will be so good to see all of the kids. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics and/or videos up tomorrow.

Goodnight from Liberia!


Anonymous said...

YAY YOU MADE IT! GO liberia!

Raquel said...

Love every second, my dear!

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Hi! I came across your blogspot from Angel Rutledge. My friend Kim Fleming is working with Angel trying to adopt a waiting child at the Daniel Hoover Dorms in Monrovia! She's in Dorm #5, we think! She does not know about the family pursuing her. They have been in the process over a year now. If possible, they would really be blessed if you took pics of her and learned more about her...that is if you are adopting from the same center! How exciting! Please email me with any information or how we might pray for you while in Liberia. God bless!

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Oh yeah, Janet's full name= Janet Flomo and she's 13.