Saturday, September 20, 2008

Road to VOA

First of all, rain and dirt roads do not mix. Today I went out to VOA to check on Salome and her kids. I was also dropping off 4 weeks worth of food--4 bags of rice, 2bags of bulgarwheat, 4 tins of powdered milk and 1 tin of palm oil--and some new slippers! The kids looked good, and everything seemed to be going pretty well. School is in session, and they have over 200 students coming from the community! We are currently building a brand new orphanage home and school for them, and I cannot wait until we can move them from where they are (squatting in an old building in an abandoned discplacement camp) to their new place (just outside of the Firestone plantation, on property they own, where they can grow their own food, and just a "real neighborhood").

Anyway, I wanted to show you what the road looks like to get to their orphanage. Now, this was the return trip (the going trip took much longer and we also had a few hundred pounds worth of food in the back...we were bottom-ing out ALOT)...but, this gives you an idea of what roads do when it rains here. And, we're doing this in a little Sunny station 4-wheel drive or anything. Sam is the master driver! And, yes, the kids are screaming in the beginning about the 'wha womah takin mah pitcha'. HAHA!

Don't worry, a kid video is coming up next time!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just take up jogging or get a rickshaw or'd be going much faster!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow there is no traffic there. I wonder where you would fix a car.

John Newquist