Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday was a good day! Debbie and I, along with a new-found friend Brenda spent the day at two orphanage homes looking at teeth! Brenda is a dental hygienist that will be in Liberia for about 4 month working with Trinity Dental Clinic. TDC has been gracious to provide their services free of charge, as well as giving up their time to work with our orphanage homes.

In Liberia, there are 3 liscensed dentists for the 3.5 million people who live here! It's almost hard to imagine...we take our dentist visits for granted. Because of the lack of dental care here, most of the children have never been to the dentist. And, they're lucky if they own a toothbrush. They don't understand the importance to taking care of their teeth. Next time you're dreading going to the dentist, just remember how blessed you are!

All of the children from yesterday can use a serious teeth cleaning session, while other children are going to need large cavitives filled or decaying teeth pulled. We plan to take in a few children at at time, starting with the ones who are most in need. It's such a blessing that Trinity is helping us out and providing their services for our kids! And, it will be an interesting time....I wonder how many children we will have to drag into the clinic kicking and screaming??

A huge thank you to Brenda, for giving up her day at work....and for all of the teeth cleanings she's going to do for us down the road. An even bigger thank you to Keith & Frieda (Founders of TDC) who are providing all of the services for the children...and letting us steal Brenda for awhile!

In other exciting news....while we were at one home yesterday, we got our first taste of rainy season. We watched as the black clouds moved in, and then the wind started and the dust was flying! We all took off running into the school building and spent a good 20 minutes or so inside while it poured....Debbie asked where the hurricane was....I told her just wait until June, July and August!

[Check out the hurricane winds blowing the trees and the "flashing" rain!!]

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