Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today was a new Liberian experience for me. I was an honorable guest of the "graduation and closing exercise of the Living Faith Welfare Institute, Inc." at Frances Gaskins.

Translation: 11 kids graduated from Kindergarten!

We got a late start because the guest speaker was running late, so I think they were trying to stall for as long as possible. The order of the program included 21 items! The most impressive part of the program was the brain teaser. A student from K-1 recalled 60 spelling words, while the K-2 student recalled 110 spelling words! We were on item 7 or 8 of the program when the orphanage director asked me if I would present the graduates with their certificates. I agreed...not knowing really what that entailed, and quickly flipping over the program to make sure I would be able to pronounce all of the names correctly. Thankfully, I later found out that I only had to pass out the certificates, shake hands and say congratulations. Phew! After a 3 hour program, the "painting (pretty sure the program should have said pinning) of the graduates" began. Pinning is an experience--you buy candies, fake flowers and ribbons to pin on your loved ones. By the end, everyone looks like an pinata in reverse. Anyway, the graduation wasn't too bad of an experience and a big congrats to the kiddos for their hard work! And, here are a few pics.

[The children performing a few selections before the program began]

[Presenting certificates to the graduates...with such an important job, it's a good thing I wore my fancy skirt!]

[Andrew and I, along with Emmanuel (the orphanage director) and the FG kids who graduated. This is after the pinning]

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