Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Old Ma is On the Ground

I apologize for the quietness. Things have been busy around here. Why?


My mom has been in Liberia for one week now. It's been great to be able to show her around my home and have her meet the people that I love. She has enjoyed being with the children, laughing at my security guards and observing the ridiculousness of Liberia. She has not enjoyed the past 3 straight days and nights of rain or the attacks from fire ants. But I think she's seen alot, learned alot and laughed alot. It's been great having her here and I'm so glad that she finally got the opportunity to come to Liberia! This is her first time to Africa, so she's soaking everything in and seeing things with a fresh set of eyes. She will be a guest blogger later on this week.

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