Monday, July 20, 2009

Beads for Bucks Auction #2

[I learned a few things from the last Beads for Bucks auction, so we're going to try things alittle differently this time]
This week's auction is for another bracelet. This is actually my favorite piece...unique and so African! The women (like Cecilia on the right) at Amazing Grace, Inc. make all of their beads from recycled glass bottles and it's truly a process. The beads are on a stretchy cord, so it will fit any wrist size (I have small wrists, and it's more like a bangle on me--no elastic needed). This piece is one-of-a-kind and it's so stinkin' cool! What's even more cool is that 100% of the proceeds from the auction will help fund future Orphan Relief and Rescue projects! You get a beautiful piece of jewelry and you are changing the lives of orphans in Liberia at the same time! Can't beat it!

How this auction works:
- This week's auction is going to be a silent auction. I'm going to try this method and see if this method or last week's 'ebay style' auction works better.
- Place your bid by leaving a comment, including your email address, so that I can contact the winner. The silent auction works because I have to approve all comments. I will not approve any comments until the auction closes...meaning, you won't know who has bid or the bid amounts.
- I will update the number of bids at the bottom of this post as I receive them.
- The auction will close on Wednesday night for those of you in the States. I will check my email on Thursday morning, and the highest bid wins!
- Do not place your bid via Facebook. I know this will post to my fb page, but just come to the blog to bid.
- And remember, all of the money raised is going towards a great cause, so spread the word!!
Number of Bids: 4


Anonymous said...

I'll go $10

love ya,
Rachel in SeaTown

Tyler said...

$35 - Tyler Malone

Anonymous said...

20 dollars

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Ashley...thank you so much for this blog...we so enjoy checking in on you and your life in Liberia every few days. I would like to bid $30 for this week's bracelet...based on last week's winner, I've probably been out-bid, but this has brought me to leave you a comment anyway...thank you for sharing your life with the world!
Joy Gleason, Fayetteville

Raquel said...

so... do I get to know the other bids so that I can go higher?!?

Mom said...

so you're not gonna tell us how it turned out?