Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short & Sweet

Just a quick update:
- The house is finally quiet (well, almost...Menitama's still going loud and strong). All of our guests have left, so now there are only 2 of us in the house, along with Matt & Mariel, who live in town.

- I celebrated my 26th birthday last week! Nothing big or special. The gang went to my "Liberian family's" house for dinner and my favorite Liberian dish (PUMPKIN) was on the menu! We came home and made a batch of brownies and played poker. Then on Friday night, we went to Matt & Mariel's (because they have a real oven) and hung out and made birthday cake. I had shipped over cake mixes and one tub of icing especially for my birthday (talk about planning ahead, eh?). Cake is serious business for me! It was the best tasting cake ever!

- Thank you to everyone who donated to my birthday wish on Facebook! $393 was raised for Orphan Relief and Rescue!

- And finally, it's official....two weeks from tomorrow I'm heading home!

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Anonymous said...

What is your facebook?

John Newquist