Friday, July 17, 2009

Mosquito Nets & Malaria

Can you believe that over 2,000 children die everyday around the world from mosquito-borne malaria? In Liberia last year, 21,000 children under the age of five died from malaria. However, Liberians just believe that malaria is a normal part of life.

We spend alot of time talking with the directors and children about malaria. Malaria education, prevention and treatment are big focus areas at the beginning of rainy season. This rainy season, we want to make sure that there is a treated mosquito net on every bed in every home...a mosquito net can save lives!
Because of a generous donation from our friends at Universal Outreach Foundation, we were able to purchase 200 mosquito nets! Students at Carson Graham High School in North Vancouver, along with UOF volunteers, hosted a talent show with area high schools to raise money. Also, the 7th graders at Bennett's Mill Middle School in Fayetteville, Georgia held a penny drive and raised enough money to provide one orphanage with new nets! A super huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped! It's inspiring to see young people step up and get involved!

We have spent the past few weeks hanging up the nets and teaching the caretakers and children about the importance of using a net. Please pray for the children and the field teams--that everyone would stay healthy and malaria-free this rainy season!

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