Friday, August 6, 2010

Help Orphan Relief and Rescue Win $10,000!

Help Orphan Relief and Rescue win $10,000! Jake traveled to Liberia this summer with Orphan Relief and Rescue. He is in a local radio station's talent competition, where the winner gets $10,000 for the ministry of their choice...and he has chosen ORR! Here's where we need your help! The first part of the competition is based on number of views his song has on YouTube. You can watch up to 100 times from one IP address per day. So, while you're sitting at your computer, pull up extra windows, stick your computer on mute and keep watching the video! You have to watch it all the way through to count. Right now, he's a few thousand views behind the person in first place, but the videos with the top 5 views will perform for judges on September 4th for the $10,000. So, we need to make sure Jake is one of those Top 5 videos and the YouTube competition ends August 20th! Jake is super talented, and what a blessing and honor it is that he wants to use his gifts and talents to glorify God and help ORR and the children that impacted his life this summer! Please help spread the word! Thanks!

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