Sunday, May 1, 2011

Celebrating Easter

[Massah takes communion and Georgie decorates his Easter backpack]

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for our Child Development Program (CDP). We were working our way to the Easter story, so two weeks ago the children learned about The Last Supper. To make the story come alive for the kids, we took communion--sharing bread and juice together. For most of the children, this was their first time to have communion. This past week, we read the Easter story from the Bible, and then used Resurrection Eggs and the story, “Benjamin’s Box” to make the Easter story more personal to the kids. We also had plenty of great crafts--scratch off crosses to represent our sins being washed away, and some children enjoyed decorating 'He Lives!' Easter backpacks that were donated. We reflected on Jesus’ death and sacrifice, but then it was time to celebrate! The highlight of our CDP time was celebrating the resurrection with the children through music. We danced, clapped, sang, beat drums, and made as much noise as possible. We wanted the children to know that we have reason to celebrate Easter, and everyday, because Jesus is alive!

As for me, I celebrated by Easter by enjoying a serious Sunday morning downpour. I snuggled under my blanket and enjoyed time with my Bible, journal and Easter playlist. We went to church at PCC (where a majority of our Liberian staff attends)--this was my first time to church since I've been back in Liberia. Although I enjoyed it, I was alittle disappointed that we didn't sing any "Easter songs". After church, we loaded up the truck to go and visit the newest Kollie baby. His name is Daniel Moses, he's so cute and tiny! Then we came home, packed up everything, and headed to the Chapman's for the start of our staycation! I spent most of my time in the kitchen preparing our Easter dinner. I LOVE being in a kitchen here--it makes me feel normal! Our special Easter meal was garlic chicken, scalloped potatoes, veggies, bread, fresh watermelon and papaya and an AWESOME sour cream lemon cake (that I might just share the recipe with you) for dessert. We had a great time sitting around the table sharing Easter memories and devouring the delicious food! Then we moved into the air-conditioning to watch Home Alone. And I ended my night with a hot shower (my first since February 19th), and it felt awesome! It was a really great day!

I hope that you were able to take time to reflect on Christ's death and resurrection and that you were able to truly celebrate that He is alive--He's living, moving and working all around us! I also hope that you don't only celebrate at Easter, but that you're able to reflect on His sacrifice and life every day. Happy Easter!

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