Monday, May 30, 2011

Sinoe Trip-Heart of God Refuge

[Sorry for the delay in posting.]
The main purpose of our trip to Sinoe was to visit PCC's Heart of God Refuge orphanage home. The orphanage is located just outside of Greenville and is home to 12 children. Because the home is in an extremely rural area, they really have to be self-sufficient. The orphanage has a huge farm and piggery. This orphanage really does survive off of the land. The people don't have hardly anything, but the children are well loved and taken care of.

Our friend, Pastor Wleh, has God-sized dreams for the orphanage, farm and two schools. He wants to eventually move from Monrovia to Sinoe so that he and his wife can be at the mission full-time. He wants to continue the orphanage home, but also have a boarding school on the property. The current living conditions are simple and modest--a four-roomed grass mat house with a thatch roof (complete with rats, chickens and plenty of bugs). There is no proper bathroom and the children have to walk a good distance for clean water.
The school at the orphanage has more than 50 students from the surrounding villages, but the building is pretty terrible. Pastor wants to move the school building further inside the property and has already constructed the sticks (posts) and the zinc roof.
After traveling to Sinoe, meeting the children and caretakers, and seeing the current conditions, it is my hope (as well as my teammates) that we will somehow be able to help Pastor and the children at Heart of God Refuge in the very near future! I really can't wait to see how God uses Pastor Wleh in the lives of the children in Sinoe too!

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