Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sinoe Road Trip

Last week, we set off for quite the adventure! We headed to Sinoe County to visit a good friend's mission--an orphanage, farm, piggery and two schools. The drive took 10 hours, but was just 200 miles! This wasn't my first trip to Sinoe, but it was my first visit to Greenville. The drive is beautifully bumpy--a red dirt road meets lush jungle with small villages nestled inside--and can be a challenge for those of us who get carsick easily. And, it's always great to get out of the city!
[Our quick decline in road quality...and the end result. We were SO happy to reach the paved road when we were coming home!]
Life in Sinoe is much different. The pace is slow and relaxed. It's beautiful, peaceful and quiet. Life is hard and the people work very hard. You live off the land and you learn how to be very resourceful. Life is simple, full of joy and laughter. You know your village and the jungle trails that lead elsewhere very well, and you have no concept of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa or the rest of the world. It's actually pretty nice to escape for awhile!

[Our home in Sinoe--also an orphanage home.]
I'm going to stretch the trip out into multiple posts, just because I have over 800 photos from the three days! And because I wrote a huge post yesterday and Blogger and all it her problems left me a draft with one sentence....well, I just don't feel like writing it all over again.

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