Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's difficult for me to sit here tonight and even begin to tell the story of the last three weeks. Words don't seem sufficient and I continue to shake my head and thank God. I feel like I've been away from all things America for a long time, yet I feel like my time in Liberia has been incredibly short [it's that weird Liberia time warp thing]. When I left Atlanta three weeks ago, I had no idea how things (and my life) would change!

I carried huge dreams here with me and wanted to do 'safe things' like window shop and do some market research. I had no intention to buy, that's for sure! As I waited in the bank for more than an hour this morning, I was sweating because none of the four air-conditioners were turned on. I was also nervous. Nervous to have to stand in front of a room full of people and count out over $4,000. Nervous because I knew what this money meant--a total life surrender. And today, I put a stack of 20 and 50 dollar bills down on a homemade cement table on the front porch, and slid it across, along with my life, for the next three years.

But for some strange reason, in that moment, the nervousness was nowhere to be found. In one sentence, I said something about "my house"...and then I could only think, "is this really happening?!" God provided the resources for me to come here. He knew I would find the green house. He knew that I was going to ask people to give. And He knew that people were going to be moved to give more than what was needed! He knew it all!

And little 'ole me had worry and doubt. It was easy to start second guessing. But, it was also easy to cling tightly to promises and remind myself of truths. I never imagined that I would be leaving Liberia with a place to call home for the next three years. I never dreamed that it would be a fixer-upper with so much potential. I found myself dreaming even bigger dreams just from walking through the house. I could see past the pepto-bismol pink walls in the living room and the trash-littered front yard. I could see a peaceful and welcoming garden with plenty of space for lives to change. I could see it all!

And so tonight, as I listen to the constant sound of waves crashing on the shore outside of my window, I am so incredibly grateful! I am thankful that God continues to provide! I am thankful that I'm able to leave Liberia even further ahead in this thing than what I expected. I am so grateful to the people who read my words, caught the vision and gave from their hearts! I feel your prayers and encouragement, but more importantly, I feel God's presence so immensely. He is here!

I am rejoicing, but I also know that the next leg of the journey has only begun. I am leaving Liberia ready to come home and tell the stories and share the dream. I'm going to be a fundraising fool! I need two more years worth of rent...and then there are things like setting up a home and creating a community center...all of which require resources. If I think about it too much, it makes my head spin. So I'm taking it one step at a time...and I'm warning you now that I'm going to need you with me every step of the way. Actually, I am inviting you to join the journey. This is one story that you want to be a part of!

I failed to realize that I celebrated my six year Liberia anniversary while I've been here...and the story continues! Thank you to everyone who has continued to be a part of the story! The story, God's story,
is only beginning!

Love in Liberia,

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