Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have a problem when it comes to unpacking. I've been home for four days now, and my floor is still covered in the contents of my suitcase. Last night jet lag hit me hard. I woke up this morning and felt exhausted, and now that it's 4:30pm, I'm still in my pjs and my head feels fuzzy while my body thinks it's living an an alternate universe. Combine that with the reality of being back at home, and all the while, Liberia almost feels like a dream.

Sometimes when I get home, unpacking is quick and easy. The evidence of my travels disappears soon after I walk in the door. Other times, the evidence lays strewn about my room for weeks, serving as a reminder of where I came from. I step over my passport or lay in bed and stare at my lime green suitcase that has yet to be returned to the attic. And I wonder if the last three weeks were simply a dream.

Physically, I'm not quite at 100%. There are foggy moments and my body feels drained. And then there are moments when everything seems normal and I'm fully present. I've gone through the stage of talking someone's ear off and being so excited about everything that God did while I was in Liberia. And then there's that stage where you just want to be left alone and you want life to be quiet and still. I left Liberia with so much motivation and with a renewed fire in my bones. It's hard to find that fire today when I'm not quite sure if I'm awake or asleep and I just don't want to do anything. And then I have periods of intense thinking, brainstorming and dreaming. The fire is there, I just need the jet lag to pass.

And then I make lists and think about everything that's going to be required from here on out...and my head can easily start to spin. So then I pull on the reigns, and focus on today...now...and what needs to be done.

What needs to be done now? Unpack, rest and lose the fuzzyheaded feeling. Remember and reflect upon the last three weeks. Be thankful. Spend time with my family. Kiss my nephew so much that he gets annoyed. Continue to dream about the green house. Enjoy the sunshine. Eat alot of salad. Continue to be in awe of what April in Georgia looks like--I feel like I'm living in Planet Earth--because I haven't experienced this is five years! Soak it all in.

I would absolutely love your prayers! You can pray for adjustment and also for strength, energy and rest. I know I'm about to start sprinting, so right now I'm storing up energy. There is so much that needs to be done--so much paperwork and accounting and lists and planning and sorting and problem solving and networking and brainstorming and figuring and talking and praying--and it's going to be a team effort! I will continue to share more of the dream, prayer requests and needs and I hope that you'll join me!

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