Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Green House and His Story

I'm showing you this picture tonight, because it's the next chapter of the story.

I've spent the last week playing House Hunters International (Monrovia, Liberia style), and it's been quite the educational experience. I've looked at everything from a brand-new, HUGE and beautiful 5 bedroom home to a simple two room row house. I've walked through empty spaces and envisioned and dreamed--laughter, learning, life together.

And then entered "the green house."

This house has 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms, a living room, both an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a one car garage, a big palava hut (with bathroom), a huge and awesome yard, a generator house and a water tower (running water!!). It is right across the highway and one block back from the ORR house, so it's in the perfect location! And, compared to everything that I've looked at, the price is right! Also, Momo has known the owner since he was a little boy and vouches for the man, which speaks volumes!

Leasing in Liberia works alittle differently than in the States, so it's making things alittle complicated. You typically pay a full year's rent up front, but the owner has requested that I pay 6 months rent before I leave Liberia. This would guarantee that the place is mine. Then he wants the balance of the first year's rent in a decent amount of time after I get home. The house needs some work (and some deep cleaning!), but the rent money would go towards the repairs. With a one year lease, he will paint and clean the inside and outside, send in a gardener (it's like a out-of-control tropical garden!) and fix small things. If I sign a two year lease, he will replace the zinc roof with good quality zinc. If I sign a three year lease, he will use that money to complete the cement block fence (the back and one side are fenced, but the entire perimeter has a thick bamboo 'fence'). 

Please join me in praying about the green house being THE perfect place...God's perfect place! I have been talking alot with God, and I've asked Him to provide the finances for the half year rent before I leave Liberia. God has already surprised me--I have over 4 months of rent already spoken for! I need $750 more dollars...and nine days for God to do His thing!
Would you consider giving $5, $20, $50 or $100...or perhaps you'd like to give to cover a full month's rent?!

I'm asking Him for provision. I'm asking Him for miracles. I'm asking Him for BIG.

If you would like to make a donation, please leave a comment or email me! 
If you can't give now [don't worry, the rest of the first year's rent will be needed shortly], please just continue to pray that God's dream will become a reality here in Liberia!
[I'm trying to coordinate things so that only one money wire will be needed.]

Thank you all for being a part of THIS story! 
HIS story!

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