Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'll begin by saying this started as a rough week! I spent all day Monday trying to avoid hugging a toilet, and was successful until about 11pm. The good news is by Tursday morning I was feeling much better, despite the fact that I slept all squished up on the couch, and my stomach was totally empty!

The even better news is that GOD IS SO GOOD!

This week God has been showing me how faithful He is. How He takes care of us, no matter how much we doubt. This week I've had 2 people from my parent's church take interest in my trip to Liberia. One man is providing me with a drip irrigation kit and tons of printed materials to take with me, in hopes that the kit will be useful to ORR, and we can order more at a reduced rate. Another man has created a program for me to track each child that ORR works with. He's also in the process of creating an application where we can track each orphanange! These two men are donating their time and talents to the children of Liberia!

I met with the missions pastor of my home church yesterday. I didn't know what to expect, so I went with no expectations. The church will have a commissioning time during the service for me within the next 3 weeks, as well as they've committed to give me some type of financial support....along with prayers and all of that good stuff!

As I've talked about before, raising support is really making me step outside of my comfort zone....I hate asking people for money! Today alone, I recieved $600 in the mail! That's enough to cover 2 months of room & board, and have $100 spending money for one of those months!

I got my pictures taken for my Liberian visa today, and will be going to the doctor tomorrow so they can tell the Liberian embassy that I'm in good health and free from all communicable diseases. I also should be buying my one-way (?!) plane ticket tomorrow!

Things are moving right along.....quite fast actually! And all I can think about is the smiles of the children, and I can almost hear the high-pitched chuckle of Obediah! I'm also starting the think about the heat, and all the sweating that I'll be doing, haha. Even still, nothing's totally freaking me out. Heck, I sent my mom and sisters to Italy today....and I'm not sad....I could practically care less. Liberia is the only place I want to be!

And all I can say is God is so stinkin' good!

[I didn't want to leave you empty handed, so here's a rare picture of Obediah smiling! In my month's stay, I probably only heard him speak a handful of times, and I think he smiled even less, but you could usually always find him at my side. He had only been at the village for a few weeks when I arrived, so I think he was still in process mode. I could sense the pain in his eyes, and it was my goal everyday to try to get him to smile. I will never forget when I left the village for the last time. Right before I got in the van, I found Obediah in the crowd of kids, picked him up and squeezed him to death, and told him that I loved him and that I would see him again. I cannot wait to pick him up and squeeze him again!!!]


Justus said...

I am currently in Monrovia right now working with an education NGO and came across your blog. what a great read, sounds like the Lord is going to do amazing things through you.
I have a blog on Liberia as well and will be here through the begining of May. my email is if you need anything while in Monrovia.

Raquel said...


I'm soooo proud of you! We should chat on the phone and get all of our goodies out before you go... and leave me here...

Justus said...

I'll keep my eye out for you in Monnrovia, end of march correct?

Anonymous said...

The packing/getting ready phase is so crazy/fun/exciting!! My mom has been going back and forth to Liberia for a couple of years, and the month before she just goes, goes, goes. But then she gets a mini 2 day vacation(on an airplane, of course!).
Hang in there! I can't wait to hear that you are on you way to that fabulous little West African country!!! I am pretty jealous....

Raquel said...

I'm not sure that two days on a plane counts as a vacation, Tab... As far as I'm concerned, I think someone ought to offer a boat instead of that dreadful plane ride.