Saturday, February 2, 2008


Everyone keep Raquel in your prayers as she travels to Liberia to pick up her new son! She leaves tomorrow (well, I guess technically today), and is leaving behind the hubby with 5 kids! Also, as of today, the flu has hit her they need some prayers!

We can't wait to meet Mr. P!!

Also, keep me in your prayers. I have to get my act together this weekend so I can start sending out support letters. I'm the kid, who in elementary school, hated to sell wrapping paper because I hated asking people for money. I could have cared less about the prizes! Well, I'm still that kid....I hate asking people for money, so asking for support is hard for me. But, last time, God provided, and I have faith that He will provide again! This trip is more expensive than last time, which makes the task daunting, but this time, I care about the prize...being surrounded by smiling faces of beautiful children who need to experience Christ's unconditional love!

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Anonymous said...

Raquel's plane leaves in like 5 minutes and I am so so so excited for her!!!
Ya know, my sis did a Mercy Ships DTS(in Texas) and the Pratt's were her leaders. Actually she met her hubby at that DTS. I am so excited about Orphan Relief! I cannot wait to hear all of your stories and see all of your pictures!
I'm glad that you did get a blog! :)
Tabitha(Raquel's friend)