Thursday, March 6, 2008

Double S

So I've been loving the weather here in Atlanta these past few days! I've been taking full advantage of driving with the windows rolled down and the good tunes blasting! I realized yesterday that this weather feels so good because I totally missed out on Spring last year while I was in Liberia. Needless to say, the flip-flops are in full force!
Spring is in the air!

Spring also means that my time at home is drawing to a close. I'm leaving in 17 days! How crazy is that?! My sister Julianne was messing with my camera awhile back, but I thought I'd show you what I anticipate everyday...... [The daily walk to the mailbox. However, I'm usually praying instead of performing as I walk.]

[The daily checking of the mail, hoping there's a support envelope in there somewhere.]

[The result of a good day at the mailbox.]

The encouraging thing is that I'm at 72% (including pledges) of what I need for my first 4 months in Liberia. I will still need to raise money for when I go back around the beginning of October, but I'm praying that my condo will sell while I'm gone (or before I leave would be nice too), and that money can go towards my second trip.

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I am also being commissioned this Sunday at New Hope North, if any of you are in the area.

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Raquel said...

That last photo... I may want a copy of that... Classic.