Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time is Ticking Away...

[tick tock]

So, it's 1am on Saturday. I've got tomorrow to get everything done. And this is what things are looking like.....
[The guest room is my packing headquarters. I had all of the things for the kids packed ready to go, and then decided to switch bags. I thought it would be better to split up craft supplies and personal things between bags; just in case only one makes it. You can't survive in Liberia very long on jump ropes and beads! So now I'm negative into the packing process.]

[Bag #1...Holding the essential kites! And drip irrigation kit info.]

[Bag #2...Nada!]

[My room (and my sister) in total disarray!]
So, tomorrow's going to be no sweat, ha! I will now confess to the world that I'm a last minute packer...always! Everybody has to have at least one flaw, right? Just kidding.


Raquel said...

I'm sooooo jealous! Don't forget your sunscreen and take a BAZILLION pictures!

Anonymous said...

oohhh.....I LOVE packing for Liberia!And just like Raquel I am oozing with jealousy! I can't wait for the 1st post from Liberia.