Saturday, August 2, 2008

On a Much Lighter Note...

As a belated birthday present, my sister treated me to a manicure & pedicure yesterday. It was a much enjoyed present! I was about to fall asleep in the chair as soon as the lotions and scrubs went flying and the massage chair came on. Let's just say...3 months of Chacos in Liberia does a number on the tootsies! I was having flashbacks to the scene in Dumb & Dumber when Harry and Lloyd get their pedicures. I was just trying to find a picture of that to post, but about barfed looking through photo results for "pedicure" (after the search for "Dumb & Dumber failed), so I'll opt for this picture instead.

Little known Ashley factoid: My biggest fear in life is toenails! I'm about to gag just thinking about it. If you want to know why...uh...maybe I'll save that story for another post.

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Anonymous said...

It's ok, you don't have to tell it....I GLADLY WILL!!! One night, back in the day, when we would all go on shopping trips in the stoll family van...We went up to Perimeter Mall in Alpharetta to get some Christmas shopping done. Well, after we were done for the night, we decided to make a stop at Burger King to get Jamoca Shakes as a snack. We were in the drive thru, and everyone made their order. I usually don't like shakes, but I decided to order one too. Anyway, we get our shakes and everyone is sipping away in the van on the way home. It is night time and all of a sudden we hear Ashley GAGGING and about to throw up. She screams, turn the light on, TURN THE LIGHT ON!!! And so we turn the light on and there it is....A HUGE, DIRTY, NASTY, CRUD INFESTED, COVERED IN JAMOCA SHAKE TOENAIL!!!!!!!! She spit it out in her hand and we were all gagging then!! I immediately lost my appetite and could no longer drink my shake. TO THIS DAY....I do not eat at Burger KING!!! And Ashley is traumatized forever!!! Did you throw up ash? I can't remember!