Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day at FG

This morning I decided that I would walk from the house to FG orphanage. It was my first attempt to explore the 'short cut' from our house to FG, and I made the wise choice of setting out just when it started to get hot! Up the hill, through the block-making site, down the hill, through lots of people's yards, through the creek, up the steel door and over the culverts I went [seriously, I need to video the trek next time]. There was a nice man on the road who helped me find my way...but 30 minutes, and lots of sweat later I made it to FG! I spent the whole day there...and it was fabulous! Here are some pictures from the day.

(Top L clockwise: sewing with the girls, getting my hair done, playing a mean game of kickball, kids with Piko-my monitor, Jeremiah's shades, making funny faces.)

And Lucky's pic was too cute to not include! She's the same girl that makes you all smile everytime you visit my blog--she's the cutie laughing in my header!

1 comment:

Raquel said...

That sewing machine photo is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

The hair one looks painful!