Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Friend

[Blogger hasn't let me upload pictures for a very long time--so that's why now all that I'm posting is pictures.]

I want to introduce you to my friend Jessie. Jessie lives in the neighborhood, and I always stop by to visit whenever I take a walk to the beach. When I was little, I saw some movie where a girl had a pet chimp. Ever since then I've wanted a pet chimp. Although Jessie's not my pet, it's close enough. She's about 1 year old and she's super sweet! And, in true ORR fashion, Jessie is an orphan. Her mom was shot and killed while Jessie was riding on her back. Jessie's hand was shot and a few of her fingers on her left hand are disfigured because of the gunshot wound.

The first time I met her she started scooting towards me because she wanted me to pick her up. I was pretty freaked out because there are alot of mean monkeys in Liberia! But the kids who own her said she was friendly, so then I picked her up. She usually just wants you to pick her up and she will wrap her arms around you, and alot of times she falls asleep. She's pretty cute...but she also looks like a little old man, haha. I've slowly been introducing Jessie to the rest of the team...some of us are wanting our very own chimp. We're not quite sure how One Love would get along with a chimp, and we're pretty unsure about the whole potty training thing. Regardless, I enjoy visiting Jessie, and I think she likes it when the weird white people come for a visit.


Anonymous said...

THAT IS THE COOLEST FREAKIN THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, I had a dream that I came to Liberia last night!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo pretty and green.

Mom said...

Awwwww, she looks just like you could be her new mom! Don't try bringing her home in your suitcase, though.